INTEROCEAN Co., Ltd. is a medical device company that specializes in
    the research and development, manufacture, and installation of hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

  • Monoplace Chamber
    Manufacture of medical hyperbaric oxygen chambers
  • Multiplace Chamber
    Manufacture of medical hyperbaric oxygen chambers for multi-place.
  • Sports Chamber
    Sports-related training equipment
  • Multi-pressure environment Chamber
    Experiment and research equipment through embodying the multi-pressure environment.
  • Flexible Chamber
    utilize for fatigue recovery and rehabilitation
  • Movable positive/negative Pressure Hospital room & Clinic
    screening clinic with separated space
    that doesn't require protective clothing


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High Quality Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber

  • Merit of Technology 02
  • ESS systems
  • Systems designed to adapt to pressure equilibrium in treatment.
    • Prevent Barotrauma through pulse-driven pressure control method.
    • Can apply to many patients by raising the pressure adaptability of ears through pulse shape of pressure automatic control system under pressurization and decompression zone.
    • Helps patients who are new to hyperbaric oxygen therapy adapt to the treatment.
    • Internal monitor and speakers guide treatment progress.
    • After patient adaptation is completed can move on to the next step, and treatment time can be shortened.
  • Merit of Technology 01
  • Automation system
  • • Increase a safety factor
    → Minimize human errors with automated systems.
    • Labor cost savings effects
    → Minimize medical staff in long operating time.
    • 100% implementation of various treatment tables.
    (US Navy Diving Manual)
    • Easy to follow up medical process by managing database.
    • Applying the Patient History Management System.
    • Interworking a Hospital EMR.
  • Merit of Technology 04
  • Prefab installation
  • We have installation technology of prefabricated manufacturing, so we can move and install chambers using E/V even in a building environment where multi-place chambers are difficult to enter.
  • Merit of Technology 03
  • Education system
  • Training on hyperbaric oxygen treatment will be conducted for medical staff and management staff at the Medical Chamber Operational Training Center.

cooperating with 31 hospitals and clinics in Korea.